Wroom 1.4

Kickstart in cars!


  • 12 courses
  • Fun soundtrack
  • Up to 4 players


  • Later levels too hard


Wroom is a physics based 2D racing game for up to four players.

This colorful little game offers a range of courses to drive over with your little car. The car can be tilted forward or back, and can also jump. This allows you to get over some obstacles normally impossible for cars.

Wroom plays more like the 80s game Kickstart than a driving game, but that should be a good thing. The cars are very bouncy, meaning well timed jumps are important, and on the harder levels you'll really need good control.

Wroom's difficult levels are disappointingly hard, with level designs that require finger gymnastics rather than allowing fluid and fast racing. However, the easy and medium levels are less frustrating

For a few minutes of multiplayer fun, or challenging your own times against the automatic ghost car, Wroom is a fun game. It needs more fast levels and less annoying later levels!

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